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an old wooden building with green plants growing on it's roof and brick walkway
the words sailing ships lightning, and an image of a sailboat
Sailing Ships: "Lightning" (1854)
Sailing Ships: "Lightning" (1854)
the diagram shows how to draw an object with lines and shapes that appear to be in different directions
Sailing Ships: "Lightning" (1854)
Sailing Ships: "Lightning" (1854)
1700s Fashion, 1770s Fashion, 1700 Fashion, Theatrical Scenery, Rococo Fashion, History Fashion, 18th Century Fashion, Century Clothing, Historical Dresses
Gallerie des Modes et Costumes Français. 10e. Cahier des Costumes Français. 4e Suite d'Habillemens à la mode. K.55 "Jolie Femme en Circassienne de gaze d'Italie..."
an old black and white photo of a park with lots of trees in the background
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Convent of the Good Shepherd, and Gardens, Abbotsford VIC, ca1885 (negative)
an old black and white photo of people walking down the street
Melbourne - Wallbourne Art
Swanston St, Melbourne 1912 photo, found on
a man sitting at a window looking out on the street in front of him and writing
Melbourne - Wallbourne Art
A view from Flinders St Station...looking down Elizabeth St, Melbourne Victoria australia early 1900s
an old photo of a woman standing on top of a sign for a wine bar
Skipping girl to become city's sunshine
The Skipping Girl neon sign, photographed in 1968. "Little Audrey", Abbotsford, Melbourne, Australia. Via The Age. Erected in 1937, the locally iconic advertising sign for Skipping Girl Vinegar, achieved official state heritage registration in 2007.
an old brick building with a sign that says vinegarr on it's roof
A true #Melbourne icon @brotheramos