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some cards and tags are hanging on a wall with white paper cut outs in the shape of animals
WHITE CHRISTMAS - DAY 15 - Magic of the Season (Pocket Letter #9)
Building Your World: WHITE CHRISTMAS - DAY 15 - Magic of the Season (Pocket Letter #9)
a close up of a greeting card with flowers and a heart on the front, surrounded by other cards
Stunning Pocket Letter received by Olga Direktorenko. June, 2016
there are many cards made to look like they have windows on the front and sides
WHITE CHRISTMAS - DAY 12 - Yule Tide Carol (Pocket Letter #8)
Welcome to the DAY 12 of WHITE CHRISTMAS paper craft tutorial series! Today I'll be making a Pocket Letter. If you are watching my PL vi...
six coasters with bees and flowers on them, all decorated in different colors to match the theme
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there are many cards with flowers and birds on them
Guest Designing for Crafty Boots
a card with pictures of children holding flowers and teddy bears on it's back
Over 3,000,000 Projects!
a bunch of cards that are sitting on a wooden table with some flowers and birdcage
Over 3,000,000 Projects!
there are many different cards on the refrigerator door that is decorated with teapots and cupcakes
a close up of a card made with different types of paper and crafting supplies
a bunch of cards that have butterflies on them
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