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#spranneagainsttheworld #anneboonchuy #sprigplantar #plantarfamily #plantarsiblings Amphibians, Silly Frog, Amphibia Fanart, Please Talk To Me, Yes I Will, I M Scared, Funny Frogs, Feel Safe, All Or Nothing
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#spranneagainsttheworld #anneboonchuy #sprigplantar #plantarfamily #plantarsiblings
three cartoon characters standing next to each other with the number 3 in front of them
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#sashannarcy #calamitytrio #amphibia
two comics that are very funny and one is telling the other what to do with it
Sketch on X
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two cartoon characters are standing next to each other
Amphibia | Comet |
two cartoon characters leaning against a wall with their heads on each other's shoulders
Amphibia: comic - Surveillance (5/5)
two people standing next to each other with balloons in the air and one holding a sign that says sorry for words congratulations
sidney on Twitter
sidney on Twitter: "her dad got custody #amphibia… "
a drawing of a man in a green cape and brown pants, with his hands on his hips
Marcy Wu
A Puppy
My Baby :((