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a pink rose with the words happy mother's day on it and an abstract background
a purple purse filled with flowers and the words may 15
a vase filled with red and pink flowers on top of a table next to a basket
yellow flowers with the words may 30 written in black on white paper, and an image of
purple flowers with the words thank you lord
May 26 💞
a red and black bird sitting on top of a bouquet of flowers with the words may 21
a blue flower with the words, may 9 th for underesthetic me find life and shall obtain
a black and white photo with the words today's blessing in front of it
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May 7 💞
a purple and white photo with the words may 14th for those things that think toward you,
pink flowers with the words, may 21st
two purple flowers and a butterfly with the words may 28
May 28 Scripture: But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.
#Fr2290 #May14 2020 #VerseOfTheDay #Psalms27v8 KJV
#Fr2290 #May14 2020 #VerseOfTheDay
#Fr2290 #May14 2020 #VerseOfTheDay #Psalms27v8 KJV
the verse of the day with grapes and a bird sitting on it's branch
a greeting card with a bird and flowers in the background, which reads wednesday blessing may 25th
a painting of a cat sitting on the hood of a car with flowers around it
a green butterfly sitting on top of a pink flower next to a quote from john 8 28
happy mother's day card with roses on the bed and message for her to be loved
a small bird sitting on top of a lush green tree filled with purple and white flowers
flowers with the words may 20 written in black and white on it, next to an image of three red tulips
a card with pink flowers and a butterfly on the front, which reads verse of the day may 8
#May9 #Psalm51v10 KJV #13955J
an ocean wave with the words may 7
an image of a tree with the sky in the background and quote from person on it