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a painting of two trees in the middle of a field
Works - David Grossmann | In Motion | Altamira Fine Art
an abstract painting with white and brown colors
Sun - Nicolas de Staël
an image of a circular object that looks like it is made out of string and has been
man ray
Man Ray, Untitled Rayogram, 1959
a black hole in the middle of a white wall
thearksakura: Anish Kapoor, Untitled
a red circle is in the middle of a white square
howdoyoudotoday: Untitled E, 1991—Anish Kapoor Seen at Art Basel at Crown Point Press
an abstract painting with black and white circles
Robert Kelly - Tropos Noir IV
Tropos Noir IV Robert Kelly 2009
a painting with a gold circle on it
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an abstract drawing on the wall with lines coming out of it's back side
// sakir gokcebag
a circle drawn in white chalk on a black background with the word love written across it
exasperated viewer on air
Jason Richards
a person is writing on a piece of paper with a red pen and it looks like they are drawing something
remain simple
Organic circle drawing
a circular object made out of small white circles on the ground with one circle in the middle
Sue Lawty's pebble mandala.
a drawing of a brown and white circle with dots on it's surface in the center
This circle by Erin Dollar reminds us about how repetitive process and simplicity can create beautiful results.
an abstract painting with circles and dots in red, white, and blue on paper
lena wolff.
lena wolff
a black and white photo of a hole in the ground that has water sprinkles all over it
Emma McNally ... graphite on paper
an abstract painting with brown and blue colors
Nicolas DeStael