Wall Sconce Lighting

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a light that is on the wall next to a metal object with a white glass
Antique Lighting | Rose Uniacke
Antique Lighting | Rose Uniacke
an image of metal pipes that are close together
Brass Wall Lamp | Eichholtz Damian
an image of a gold door handle on a blue door with two white knobs
Pair of God and Goddess Brass Sconces by Paul Matter
two wall sconces mounted to the side of a wall next to each other
Elba Sconce in Murano Glass, Brutalist Style (US Specification)
a lamp hanging from the side of a white wall with peeling paint and chipped plaster
Lights - Wall lamps - Caravane
pair of art deco sconces in the form of vases, circa 1950
Gustav Sconce - Lighting - Lostine Pendant Lighting
Gustav Sconce
a wall light with a brown shade on it and a lamp hanging from the side
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