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Wall sculptures

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minimal surfaces and tensile membranes - Grasshopper
no control, clemens behr 2008. Heimatdesign Shop, Dortmund GER
anthropologie display | Anthropologie Window Display | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Set design

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columns from wood and butcher/kraft paper. They painted words on the paper and cut the sheets to various sizes (2′-9′). momentum  could do this. maybe spray painted refridgerater boxes. or large shipping boxes.
Aníbal Ramírez, Rafael Ortíz, José Milán, Ricardo Santiago and Emilio Cuadrado from Casa de Adoración Jabes in Bayamón, Puerto Rico brings us this cool use of Coroplast. For their congregation’s 13th Anniversary Conference they wanted to do something that would look elegant and provide a good setting for worship sets. They had a limited budget, so they needed to reuse every material that they could in a smart way. They used 6 Coroplast 4’x8’ sheets that they already had from previous projects...
ADSW 2019 opening ceremony stage design on Behance


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why you need more than a logo for your business branding | small branding tips | small business | Reux Design Co.
Branding | Ritmüller on Behance - created via
The festival logo


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Maya Hayuk is great and it looks like the Etsy office would be a super fun place--like wandering through the studios at art school
Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast » Blog Archive » Seven Questions Over Breakfast with Rafael López
MailChimp office mural by Agostino Lacurci.


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THE NEWEST (introduced in Feb)Mirror Booth to hit the market has came to Colorado. Top of the line interactive technology creates a magical experience that users never forget.
Front Pitures | Screenberry | Interactive stairs sur Vimeo
PlayUp at MOAD | Interactive exhibits | Design Community

Interactive/Emersive Exhibit

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Office Design

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print design - Layout Hotel brochure from @loulypopart
Printing Friends Magazine on Behance - created via
Web design on Designspiration


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Accenture Acquires Byte Prophecy to Enhance AI and Digital Analytics Capabilities in Emerging Markets
Digital Agency Website - Workpage . . . #welovedaily #design #userinterface #graphicdesign #online #animation #mobile #code #website #web…
Nymbl, a 3D design and virtual reality studio, wanted to project a more accessible, playful image in their new marketing materials. To get the job done right, they turned to UK-based agency Big Fan, who spun up a bold, two-tone business card design concept as part of their new branding. The cards feature paper cut-outs on royal purple stock.

EC branding

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Branding that The Indie Practice love! #branding #design #style #colourful #bright #retro #modern #alternative #theindiepractice
Conference Badge Mockups by Tyler LaCross
Kurppa Hosk Develops New Brand Design and Strategy for Tink


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Event ideas

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Bd poster 1
Second Edition of the Winding Tree Hackathon in Lisbon,


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Exhibition stands

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Guess which page of your blog will ~90% of your visitors visit when they first stumble on your site? No prizes for this one.. it's the about me page. Hence, learning how to write an amazing about me page is very important. Here's how to write a perfect ab
Building Brands | This infographic outlines things I've lear… | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Pin now for later -- 88 words you can use in your copy to ramp up your conversions! copywriting business entrepreneur Just a test


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Interactive Light Installation The Wave at Ofelia Plads Copenhagen | Light Festival 2018 | Oregon Girl Around the World

Instagramable Artpopup

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sixties posters - Google Search
Captionless 😍 Obsessing over 60s/70s poster art over here ✌🏼🌅
Poster design by Jerzy Flisak, 1969, "ZWIADOWCA" directed by Lew Mirski. #PolishPoster


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Wolf | Automechanika 2012 | Frankfurt. #standdesign #exhibition
The exhibition was designed by CoDesign.
Oil Rig Parts | Offshore Drilling Rigs

Event seating

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2012 BMW 328i Launch Barcelona
Nissan Taxi Event in NY
Mercedes Benz GLA Launching on Behance

Autonomous Shuttle

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HEAZ ® on Behance
A long time client we’re always proud to partner with, Nautique is a successful boat building company based in Orlando, Florida. Focusing primarily on powerboats used for waterskiing and wakeboarding throughout the United States, Nautique is one of the top trusted companies for custom designed, world class wake boats in the southern United States. Valuing …


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Email newsletters - Designing for the Inbox
ShopStyle: Introducing 3 Inspired Designer Collections
100+ Design Resources Every Graphic Designer Should Bookmark Infographic

Newsletter Design

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Traveling to India Website Headers Banners Set
قالب وضع الصيانه بدون أزاله قالب المدونه الاصلي اليوم سأشارك الطريقة التي يستخدمتها معظم اصحاب المدونات لوضع مدوناتهم في وضع الصيانة. على الرغم من أنني أفضل حاليا إجراء التجارب في مدونة اختبار. التركيب قبل البدء أوصي بعمل نسخة احتياطية من القالب في حالة وجود أي خطأ. انتقل إلى تعديل html وابحث عن الوسم <head> وفوقه تماما الصق الرمز التالي: <!-- Under.css v1.0.0 --> <b:if cond='data:blog.title == "mant" and !data:view.isPreview and not data:view.isPreview and not data:view.isLayoutMode'> <b:tag na
Set of modern vector flat design business banners, headers with icons and infographics elements. Achievements, business tools, goa

Twitter header

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Image result for eco friendly merchandise
Introducing Boxer's New Hire Kit!  Our HR and Marketing teams have collaborated to create a welcome kit for our newest employees containing everything needed to survive their first day. A few things our new hires will find in the kit:  Welcome to the Team: Tips for their first day on the job  Work Perks: List of available benefits  Hi-ya Buddy: An assigned team member to show them the ropes  And a load of Boxer goodies!  It's our way of welcoming our newest team members to the Boxer family :)
Hello Awesome - Awesome Kit

Welcome Kits

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Appealing to the logical mind is an important aspect of communication… but don’t forget about the emotional side too. Learn the key emotions to tap into, why it’s effective across many platforms and types of audiences, and tips to craft your own emotional copy with the most powerful words and phrases.
With so many distractions stealing our attention, most of us are looking for ways to be more efficient at work. Some entrepreneurs want higher work efficiency because they want to make time for more projects and additional opportunities. Others may...
O melhor papel de parede para celular você encontra aqui! Acesse o link abaixo e conheça também um blog com vários posts de wallpaper, moda, beleza e decoração. Acesse agora! #beauty #makeup #beleza #maquiagem #moda #decoracao #decoration #wallpaper #iphone #android #cell #phone #apple


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KASPIAN Keynote Presentation by GoaShape on Creative Market
VEGRA - Keynote Template • Only available here ➝…                                                                                                                                                     More
Quantum Minimal PowerPoint Template by Slidedizer on @creativemarket


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awesome trophies
Medale, statuetki, trofea -


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a page with the text how to professionally say get it together 100 examples and workflows
How to professionally say do it yourself or do your job? (100 Examples and tips)
there are many different types of plants in glass jars on the wall and hanging from hooks
foodtopia - Tinker Imagineers
there are many potted plants on the table
Producción de exposiciones en cartón. 'Especias: universo del sabor'
three tall green vases sitting next to each other in front of a brick wall
Bit.Bio.Bot exhibition shows how algae can be used as air purifiers and protein source
Bit.Bio.Bot exhibition shows how algae can be used as air purifiers and protein source
an exhibition stand with green and white walls, chairs and tables in front of it
adyen auf der EuroCIS | MMD livedesign
an exhibition stand with green and white furniture
Sibos 2016, Geneva - NEST STUDIOS
a blue caged room with a white board on the wall
studio 5.5
mon img
an aquarium with blue water and fish on the walls is shown in front of a window
OCTANORM North America
people are standing in the middle of an open air space with signs on each side that say we make your space
four wooden boxes sitting on top of a floor in front of white walls and drapes
米展 - Exhibition
an empty room with multiple colored boxes in it
ira koers and roelof mulder form freestanding cinemas for manifesta 10
three boxes that have different types of vegetables inside of them, one is white and the other is black
Pacific Rim College Trade Show Booth — Robazzo