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Expainer Videos For SaaS & Tech Companies
Vidico have produced over 500 video projects for tech startups and tech enterprises in SaaS, consumer electronics, DTC, blockchain and data security. If you’ve got an innovative product and need a pitch-perfect message that can explain it in 60-seconds, you’ve come to the right place.
Animated Dropshipping Illustrations
The pack includes 12 unique animated illustrations that will be a great addition to any ecommerce store. The illustrations are focused on improving your customer’s user experience while interacting with your brand. You can place them on onboardings, hero section, contact page and any other screens of your project.
Motion Corpse N.22
I have been recently asked to take part to a round of Motion Corpse, a collaborative project in which 5 designers are invited to create a 5 second animation, starting from a frame designed by someo...
Procreate x After Effects
Procreate x After Effects by Fraser Davidson for Cub Studio on Dribbble
Read the book😉
Read the book?? by Ali Nazari
A.I. soul animation
A.I. soul animation by AEN | Dribbble