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a patchwork quilt with yellow, blue and grey squares on it's sides
Nancy Zieman The Blog - I Sew For Fun Project Tutorial: Two-Piece Block Quilt
a table runner made from quilts on top of a wooden table
Quilted Table Runner, Scrappy Batik Braid With Flying Geese In Blues DE5
the table runner is decorated with poinsettis and green leaves on it's edges
Floral Wreath Quilt Quilting Pattern, From Mh Designs, *new A8A
Pin cushion with magnetic needle minder pattern
an orange and yellow quilt on the floor
Autumn Jubilee Wrap Up
an orange and yellow quilt on the floor
autumn jubliee quilt top
autumn jubliee quilt top | Karla Brown | Flickr
a card with an image of a woman in a dress and flowers
a card with an umbrella and flowers on it