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the embroidery design is done in red and white
two pieces of embroidered cloth with flowers and leaves on them, one piece has been stitched together
Embroidered Panels — The John Bright Collection
Embroidered Panels — The John Bright Collection 1730s Silk embroidered with silk Acquired from the estate of Doris Langley Moore These embroideries are clearly designed as central and flanking panels, the sides reversing the floral motifs, the central panel employing the same motifs, but augmenting them with other specimens. In common with those depicted upon silk brocades, the chosen flowers are identifiable horticultural examples, rendered with extreme skill in long and short stitch and sati
an embroidered wallpaper with flowers and leaves
Annesley - Blue
Annesley - Blue | Kravet
an old wallpaper with flowers and leaves on it
AF78741 KALAMKARI Printed Fabrics Red and Gold from the Anna French Palampore collection
a white and blue floral wallpaper with lots of flowers on it's side
Style File: Geoffrey Bennison
Geoffrey Bennison Style File - English Decoration | House & Garden
an image of a floral pattern on fabric
an orange and red floral design with green accents
an old rug with red flowers on it
AF9628 CAIRO Printed Fabrics Coral from the Anna French Savoy collection
an intricately designed rug with green and white floral designs on it's sides
an embroidered fabric with flowers and leaves on it
Contemporary suzani textiles Archives
UZBEKISTAN – FARGANA VALLEY – Ethnic silk embroidery suzani | TurkishFolkArt