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the ender's game quote with an image of two people in black and white
.Valentine. Ender really loves her, it's really sweet, but also not, at the same time
the doctor who is talking to each other about what he's doing in front of him
GIF set 4/4.
two men standing in a room with the caption you lost, launchie? i'm ender wiggin, supposed to report bonzo madrid
You lost, launchie?
I like this quote. Ender's game - Orson Scott Card Game Quotes, Quotation Marks, Getting Him Back, Love Hurts, Trendy Quotes, Printable Quotes
I like this quote. Ender's game - Orson Scott Card
an old paper with the quote everybody walks past a thousand story
Famous Author Quotes @ http://pinterest.com/iuniverse/iuniverse-famous-author-quotes/
an open book with a necklace on it sitting on top of a piece of paper
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Ender's Game Book Charm
a black and white photo of a woman with long blonde hair
VIDEO: Abigail Breslin Talks Valentine Wiggin
VIDEO: Abigail Breslin Talks Valentine Wiggin. The ENder's Game part starts around 2:56
a woman with long hair standing in front of a black background and the words nobody controls his own life
Valentine Wiggins
an older man wearing glasses is talking to someone
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OSC talks about Ender, Battle School, and Earth Unaware
a white poster on a brick wall with the quote nature can't solve a species that hasn't a will to survive
Ender's Game, by Orson Scott Card
a black and white photo with the words mazer is my enemy on it's face
Art of Darian
Mazer Rackham is My Enemy for Ender's Game Movie by Darian Robbins
an iphone case with the words, the invisible on it and a phone plugged in
The End of Game Madness - The observant will find download links and tricks on the most interesting games
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four people posing for a photo in front of an audience at a basketball game, with one person holding the other's arm around his neck
Aramis Knight (Bean), Moises Arias (Bonzo), Asa Butterfield (Ender), and Hailee Steinfeld (Petra) at a Lakers vs Hornets game