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the beach is lined with palm trees and clear water
#travel #aroundtheworld
an image of a city skyline with the words if you didn't know, you'd know she was a new york
NYC. SATC. Friends. Gossip Girl. Shopping. Food. Ground Zero. Central Park. Carriage Ride. Brooklyn Bridge. I must go there once in this life time!
a narrow street with blue and yellow buildings on both sides, surrounded by greenery
Calle Aduar, Marbella, Spain
a map with the words let's travel the world in black and blue on it
Let's Travel
several boats in the water near large rocks
Been here!! :)
an image of ice formations in the snow
Wow need to find this place!!
a boat floating on top of a large body of water next to a coral reef
Account Suspended
Cairns Australia – Great Barrier Reef
the sydney opera house and harbour bridge are silhouetted against an orange, blue, and pink sunset
landscapelifescape: Sydney, Australia (by -yury-)
several boats are on the water near some palm trees and beachfronts, with mountains in the background
NameBright - Coming Soon
Koh Samui, Thailand