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a piece of paper with the words stick of being insecure about my voice
it's ugly asf 😒
i need to stop slaping my hand over my mouth but i don't want to
credit @pinterest @obsessedwithcatboys | someswaggygirl
a pink background with the words i'm so sorry to everyone that knows me if my fake online personality is much funnier
a woman is talking to another person with an arrow above her head and the words you attending your classes, sweetie? uh, yeah mom
a drawing of a person with the caption me sub titles
please tell me why i can’t watch without them?
a person sitting at a table with a book and pen in front of their head
a purple background with the words i be just wanting to feel ok, but nooo here comes my dream about someone i miss who hasn't thought of me in months
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a yellow background with words that say, sick of my teachers emailing my mom