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purple flowers are growing in the garden next to a white house and green grass on the ground
allium, salvia, grass - Love the different purples, heights, textures and shades of a color.
the garden is full of different types of flowers
Salvia, santolina, verbena, artemsia, catmint
a garden filled with lots of different types of flowers and plants on top of gravel
Leonardslee Gardens, with pink flowering Japanese Azeleas and Rhododendrons, Lower Beeding, West Sussex, UK. By: ukgardenphotos
like the effect of the gray green against the pink gravel for edge, and the foliage serving as the garden edging rather than an traditional hard edging material.
two chairs and a table sitting in the middle of a field with lavender flowers behind them
inspiration found in a Provence château
inspiration found in a Provence château - Sharon Santoni
a wooden bench sitting in the middle of a field filled with purple flowers and plants
Dry gardens don't have to be dusty and dull - look at the lushness and colors here...
wildflowers and grasses are growing in the grass
Herbatious border
scabiosa, verbena bonariensis, salvia & grasses
purple flowers and green plants in a garden