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Top nearby things to do and places to go, near to major cities.
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Easy Getaways from LA
The nature around here is so abundant, it can take longer to choose the next getaway than the actual drive there. To make things easy, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite activities, all within three hours of the city.
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Easy Escapes from Atlanta
With rugged mountains in the north and whimsical swamplands in the south, Georgia’s outdoors are as unique as its regions. So you don’t miss out, we curated a list of our favorite activities outside Atlanta.
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Day Drives from Denver
Colorado is an outdoor paradise, with its natural wonders and historic sites. Bookmark our list of enticing activities just outside Denver for quick escape when the mountains call.
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Mini Day Trips from Miami
Florida may be known for its stunning beaches, but there’s so much just beyond them. Explore a world of art, tropical farm communities, and mid-century modern design just outside Miami with our handy checklist.
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Tiny Adventures from New York City
Making a bucket list for NYC might be hard, but options outside city parameters are even more bountiful, with 10 states just four hours away. Save our list of must-do day drives for future trips.
The Go Near Guide to Los Angeles
Choosing a weekend destination from LA can feel overwhelming with all options surrounding the city. In our guide, we’ve curated our favorite social distance-friendly destinations just outside LA — whether it’s a secluded beach for paddleboard yoga or the desert for a moment of calm.
The Go Near Guide to Atlanta
Georgia is known for its unique regional destinations — from the mountainous Blue Ridge in the north to the Okefenokee Swamp in the south. We’ve assembled a social distance-friendly guide to help you explore some of the best there is outside Atlanta.
The Go Near Guide to Denver
With fourteeners, alpine lakes, and forests teeming with wildlife nearby, it’s no surprise that outdoor activities are an essential part of the Colorado lifestyle. To help narrow down your bucket list of things to do near Denver, we’ve curated a social distance-friendly guide of our favorite destinations.
The Go Near Guide to Miami
Florida is blessed with lowkey beach towns, tropical farm communities, and quieter beaches, all accessible by car from Miami. Choose your own adventure with our social distance-friendly Go Near Guide.
The Go Near Guide to New York City
Despite being the country’s densest region, the New York City metropolitan area is a short drive from mountain escapes, waterfront getaways, and offbeat adventures. Explore our favorites in this social distance-friendly Go Near Guide.