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a white and brown dresser with a deer head mounted on it's side wall
Painted Furniture: Grab a Brush + Upcycle! | Girlfriend is Better
Broyhill Brasilia chest of drawers | Painted furniture ideas | Girlfriend is Better
a phone sitting on top of a table next to a blue chair and white wall
Simple presentation
Special objects are at their best when they have room to breathe. A colorful or unusual item on a simple side table adds a spark of joy. #Bedroom #Bedsidetable #unique #Vintage #Surprise
a living room filled with lots of framed pictures on the wall above a yellow couch
How to Choose, Frame and Hang an art collection - Emily Henderson
HOW TO CHOOSE, FRAME AND HANG AN ART COLLECTION | Emily Henderson #home #style #art
Styling a nightstand
A medium-sized lamp is a great place to start. From there, personality can be added with reading materials, practical accents like clocks, or decorative bowls and trays. And of course, a little greenery will add a hint of zen to the room. #bedsidelamp #BedroomOrganization #Bedsidetable
three different types of couches and tables
Arranging art over a couch
When hanging art in a living room, placing pieces above the couch creates an easy focal point. Here are a few ways to arrange prints and paintings for a simple, balanced look. #TVroom #HangingArt #Abovethesofa
a living room is shown with instructions on how to arrange the furniture
Tips for arranging a living room
When designing a living room, someone can have all the right pieces but placement is still key. Here are a few tips on how to arrange living room furniture to maximize space and comfort. #LivingRoom #TVRoom
Styling a dining table
Since dining tables are such communal spaces, there’s all the more reason to add points of interest to them. Runners, trays, bowls, and vases are great ways to add personality to an open surface. #DiningTableDecor #DiningTableMakeover
a table with a potted plant on it and the text tips for styling side tables
Tips for styling side tables
Side tables can use a little styling, too. By choosing complementary accessories and following the rule of 3’s, any side table can go from plain to polished. #greenery #LivingRoom #Modern #Decor
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place next to a wall mounted mirror
7 Fireplace & Mantel Styling Ideas
Emily Henderson Mantel Styling Ideas #home #style #interiordesign
Warming up the room
One of our favorite Airbnb Plus hosting tips is creating a welcoming home by filling it with cozy textiles. It’ll make any space feel more comfortable and warm. #throwblankets #sofa #livingroom #comfy
a white desk with a laptop on it and instructions for how to use the computer
Tips for styling a nightstand
Nightstands don’t need much to go from scarce to stylish. Here are a few tips for adding character to these small pieces. #Bedside #StatementPiece #Modern #Alternative #SmallSpace
a living room with a blue couch and colorful pillows on the sofa, next to a window
Styling with matching pieces of furniture - Emily Henderson
Styling with matching pieces of furniture
three different types of couches and chairs in the living room with text overlaying them
Styling a sofa 3 different ways
With a few accessories, the same couch and space can take on many different personalities. A neutral piece can anchor different blends of eclectic textures and materials to create one cohesive style. #Throws #ThrowPillows #Cushions
an info sheet showing the different types of houseplants and how to use them
Choosing indoor plants
Before investing in house plants, you can use this chart to find out how much light and water they’ll need so your green thumb will be even greener. #howTo #HardtoKill #Houseplants #IndoorPlants