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a shelf with baskets and books on it next to a stair case in a room
an entryway with stairs, mirror and potted plant
an instagramted photo of a house with stairs and wood flooring in the hallway
a white room with four framed pictures on the wall and a rug in front of it
Artwork in Our Home - A Thoughtful Place
an image of a ceiling light fixture with flowers on the lights and leaves hanging from it
Hallway Lights & Hallway Lamps | Lights.co.uk
Hallway Lights & Hallway Lamps | Lights.co.uk
an image of a long hallway with white walls and wood flooring on one side
Modern Corridor And Hallway Ideas🧱 .Home Decor Ideas
a vase with flowers sitting on top of a table next to a lamp and framed photograph
an entry way with a mirror and plants on the shelf
before and after pictures of a hallway with white walls, wood floors and an open door
Tidy Catchall Foyer for $104
a mirror on the wall above a radiator
64 Narrow Hallway Ideas to Make a Great First Impression | Small Hallway Ideas | Corridor Design