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a poster with torn pieces of paper and the words boi bino on it
Typified Weather Poster: the first updating paper poster
Awesome Creative Poster Design Idea (10)
a sign that is on the side of a road
SWISSPOSTERS в Instagram: «Poster design by @schafftersahli #swissposters #curatedcontentcc #schafftersahli #typography #posterdesign #graphicdesign…»
the cover art for five years
the poster for festival fur kinder & stahlo luzern in germany
the poster for forces of nature and natural forces is shown in yellow, black and white
Studio Ghazaal Vojdani
Pratt Institute's Visual Identity System
a black and white poster with pictures on it
Studio Ghazaal Vojdani
Pratt Institute's Visual Identity System. there is a perfect level of balance between the dark background, text and images.
an orange and black poster with the words spice at the interior section of art and medicine
Yale—Graphic Design
Ghazaal Vojdani (MFA 2013)
a poster for the art school with an orange and blue square pattern on it's side
Graphics thisisgrey likes
yalegraphicdesign: Ghazaal Vojdani (MFA 2013)
a woman wearing glasses and a green jacket with the words advert printed on it #fashionphotographer #fashionphotography #trendy #womensfashion #fashiondesigner #couture #trends #fashionindustry #mua #makeupforever
a man and woman standing next to each other in front of a blue sky with white clouds
ARTISTS AGENTS - my-tumblrisbetterthanyours:...
the poster for saturday art school is shown in black and white, with an image of a
a poster with the words ko 6 se and an image of a train on it
KOSE n.6 — Poster Design
KOSE n.6 — Poster Design on Behance
an advertisement for radio beat with the number twenty nine and two different colors on it
Quim Marin Portfolio: Fotos
Quim MarinArt Direction & DesignBarcelona—In such a visually polluted environment I try to come up with fresh and memorable designs with a clear aim at essential beauty and equilibrium that, at the same time, will ensure communicative...