dream on.

if i had three wishes granted, this would be one of them
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The Shaftesbury Theatre Mrs Doubtfire, Wish Granted, It Cast
2024 cast of Mrs Doubtfire
The Shaftesbury Theatre
a person holding up a book in front of a stage with people on the other side
an auditorium filled with people and chandeliers in the middle of the stage area
Carmina Burana en el Teatro Colón
Teatro Colón Buenos Aires
Blood Brothers
the stage is lit up with colorful lights
Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World
I love musical theatre
people are walking around in the city at night
Seven Dials
Cambridge Theatre, London
a book about blood brothers is held up in front of the audience at a theater
Blood Brothers
Theatre Royal Newcastle
an empty auditorium filled with lots of lights
Newcastle Theatre Royal
an auditorium with chandeliers and lights on the ceiling
Theatre Royal Drury Lane
an empty stage is lit up with blue lights and two podiums on each side
@sohoplace theatre
The Little Big Things
an overhead view of the auditorium at night
The Apollo Theatre
an overhead view of a theater with the words time travel's wife projected on it
Theatre trips
The Time Traveller’s Wife, Apollo Theatre