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a poster with the words, create your own boot camp workout
Strawberry Wine Cake Truffles + Create Your Own Bootcamp Workout (Part Deux)
Create Your OWN Full Body Bootcamp Workout
a woman laying on a blue mat doing yoga
9 Easy Yoga Poses to Stretch Your Shoulders
Best Yoga Hip Opener Poses - Shape Magazine ..if your hips are tight from running
a woman sitting in a yoga pose with her hands together
Tight hips can be debilitating. When things aren't working right down there, even sitting or walking can cause pain. 9 poses to help. #yoga
a woman doing yoga poses with the words 8 exercises and stretches for healthy hipss
8 Hip Flexor Stretches and Exercises for Healthy Hips
8 Must-Do Exercises for Healthier Hips | via @SparkPeople #fitness #workout #stretch
yoga for the splits poster with pictures of different poses
Yoga for the Splits - Practice these poses everyday to gain flexibility for the splits.
an instruction manual on how to do leg crani and hipss
How You Should be Stretching - Dr. Steven Wasserman
Keep it flexible! #Stretches for the Legs, Groin & Hips
a woman wearing a gray hoodie and black leggings, with her hands in her pockets
Back on Track Pullover From Lululemon
Back on Track Pullover From Lululemon-Snuggly while running. :)
a man riding a skateboard with his shadow on the wall
Flex Benefits
Hip Flexor Strengthening Routine for Runners | Runner's World
a woman laying on her back with the words go as low as you can
Yoga Split Stretch: Tipover Tuck
Increase flexibility- 8 stretches to do the splits. Great for tight hips and hamstrings.
a woman standing in front of a gym machine and holding a cell phone to her ear
She's so inspiring in more ways than I can even say! | Photo by corinanielsen