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five painted eggs sitting on top of a wooden table
Weebles Wobble But They Don’t Fall Down.
Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down!
the doll is wearing a gold skirt with flowers in her hair and standing on a white background
it’s a small world Hawaii Doll
It’s a small world Hawaii Doll
an old photo in a box with writing on the inside and side panels open to show a man standing next to him
Wild Bill love poem
a parking meter with the time displayed on it
A R T U N I O N ™
Kenneth Grange, parking meter
a piece of paper with writing on it and some white yarn in the middle of it
Emperor Franz Joseph I lock of hair valued at $1,500
Emperor Franz Joseph lock of hair
several stacks of white and black binders with writing on them sitting in front of a green wall
Leslie Fandrich - Time Traveling to my Past
Home Video Tapes
six different colored smiley face buttons on a white surface with one smiling and the other frowning
Smiley face pin's were so big in the 70's, came in all sizes and colors!
Vintage Leather Peace Sign Hair  Holder  1960 -70s Hippies, 1960s Hippie, Hair Holder, Hair Clip Holder, Vintage Hair Clips, Women's Hair Accessories, Estilo Hippie, Clip Holder, Hippie Girl
Women's Hair Accessories for Sale - Headbands, Scrunchies & More - eBay
Vintage Leather Peace Sign Hair Holder 1960 -70s
cupcakes decorated with cartoon characters are in a tray
Homepage - That's Nerdalicious
Game of Thrones Character Cupcakes
George Romney for President 1968 campaign button Campain Posters, George Romney, Campaign Buttons, Strange Photos, American Presidents, Presidential Campaign, Local History, Us Presidents, Nixon
George Romney for President 1968 campaign button
a woman in a green dress with flowers on her collar and necklace, smiling at the camera
Harper’s Bazaar, February 1958
Such a cheerful, gorgeous floral statement necklace.
a man sitting in front of an old computer
Steve Jobs: 10 Memorable Milestones of the Apple Co-Founder’s Career
Steve Jobs with an Apple II in 1980, the year the company went public