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several bottles of wine are lined up on the wall
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The Whisky Room | The Londoner Hotel
a bar with lots of chairs and tables in front of a large window filled with wine bottles
Christopher's - Restaurant and Martini Bar, Covent Garden
Covent Garden pre-theatre bar
the shelves are filled with bottles of liquor
RIKA - 00002- Web Res - Hospitality Snapshots
RIKA - 00002- Web Res - Hospitality Snapshots
an empty bar with wooden shelves and lights
Dawnvale – Restaurant + Bar – Design + Build
Basement Bar | Custom Wine Rack | Amy Storm & Company
there are many glasses on the shelves in this room and one is filled with liquor
Falling Leaves Translucent Slate veneer
a dining room table with white chairs and lights on the wall next to wine racks
a wine rack in the corner of a room with glass bottles and glasses on it
Floor to Ceiling Glass Display cabinets - Contemporary - Kitchen
a wine cellar filled with lots of bottles
Wine Cellar. Whie room. Wine cellar Ideas. #WineCellar #WineRoom
a wine cellar in the middle of a room
Spiral Cellars - Inspired Modern Wine Storage Solutions