Edgar Maxence (1871-1954)

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a close up of a sheep laying down on the ground
La Légende bretonne - Edgard Maxence | Musée d'Orsay
Musée d'Orsay: Edgard Maxence Breton Legend
the painting is hanging on the wall
L'Ame de la Foret 1898
a painting of a woman's head with feathers in her hair
Art and Salt: Photo
Faunesse - Edgar Maxence ~1907
a painting of a woman sitting at a table with her chin resting on her hand
Edgard MAXENCE : peintre symboliste et portraitiste (06) - le blog alain Barré
Edgar Maxence
an image of three women with hats on their heads and one woman holding something in her hand
Fuck Yeah Painting!
arthubblog: “ Concert of Angels, 1897 Edgar Maxence (1871–1954), French “Who, if I cried out, would hear me among the angels’ hierarchies? And even if one of them pressed me against his heart: I would...
a painting of a woman with a book in her hand and wearing a head scarf
Edgar Maxence (French, 1871-1954), Femme de profil lisant, 1914. Charcoal, watercolour and gouache on paper, 64 x 51.5 cm.
a painting of a woman with a white headdress sitting in front of a tree
Edgar Maxence - 102 artworks
Edgar Maxence [1871-1954]
an angel holding a candle with two other angels in the background, both looking at each other
Edgard Maxence 1871-1954, les dernières fleurs du symbolisme – La Tribune de l'Art
a painting of a woman with peacock feathers on her head
Edgar Maxence. | Miss Pandora - Louise Ebel
Pandora » Edgar Maxence.