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two glass tables sitting on top of a cement floor next to a swimming pool with blue water in the background
Martyn Lawrence Bullard x Harbour 1976 MLB Outdoor Sun Lounges
MLB is Harbour’s premier collaborative collection. Inspired by modern interior design pieces, this outdoor collection was designed alongside Martyn Lawrence Bullard. MLB is a collection of outdoor statement pieces inspired by some of Martyn’s favourite modern interior pieces. These pieces feature a range of new premium Harbour materials including chipped marble, travertine, Olefin fabric as well as our signature Indonesian A-Grade teak in natural and charcoal finishes.
a wooden chair with metal frame and seat padding on it's back end
5 Questions: Darin Montgomery | BUILD Blog
1.2 Chair by Urbancase
a close up of a black table on a white background with no one around it
a black chair with wooden arms and back rests on a gray surface in front of a dark background
a gray chair with a wooden table on it's back end, sitting in front of a grey background
rzemiosło architektoniczne / krzesło bc
a bed with black sheets and wooden slats on it's headboard, in front of a gray wall
LC by Rzemiosło Architektoniczne
a wooden chair with black leather upholstered on the seat and backrests
Linna, She’s Gorgeous - Yanko Design
Linna Armchair by Jader Almeida » Yanko Design I Need and i want one!