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black and white photograph of woman with hands on her back
concept, art direction, make-up, hair and clothing design: lara himpelmann photographer and retoucher: lauren catherine-kaigg
a woman standing on top of a snow covered hill next to a forest filled with trees
an animal with horns standing in the grass
Ten Years of Tees
by Tony Midi
a black and white drawing of a woman holding a skeleton in her arms with flowers on the ground
mlle ghoul's fairy tales from the shadows
jashelena: “ Misery I. Pen and ink 2014 #jashelena ”
an abstract painting of a woman with a hat on her head, standing in front of a red background
a woman with dark makeup and flowers on her head is shown in the middle of an image
Shadowness will close down on July 1st, 2015
here is a bad place for your god by Dihaze
a person with a large head wearing a priest's outfit and holding a small hand
Character Concepts
(◐.̃◐) °
a woman holding an umbrella in her hand with the caption, my head is full of dreams and demons
“Let my heart be still a moment and this mystery explore ..." -Edgar Allan Poe, The Raven
Humour, Pedobear, Amusing, Hilarious, Humor, Sui Generis, Trauma, Laugh, Sade
sloth unleashed
Carson Ellis
Carson Ellis : The Infinite Corpse
Carson Ellis
a person's hand in front of a mirror with the reflection of their hands
reach...move beyond your self-imposed reflection
a drawing of an angel laying on the ground with its wings spread out and eyes closed
Illustrations by Rebecca Yanovskaya
an image of a woman with cats on her back in front of a black background
Aleksandra Waliszewska
Depressing Quotes, Motivation, Sayings, Happiness, Life Quotes, Feelings, Inspirational Quotes, Depression Quotes, Quotes To Live By
93 Depression Quotes (with Images) - Quotes about Depression