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Most Sustainable Kitchen Counter Materials?
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À chaque oeuvre, son histoire
recycled glass counter tops by vetrazzo <3
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After Hurricane Harvey, A Beloved Beach House Gets A New Life With Recycled Glass Design
200+ Sustainable Sources for Home, Decor & Furniture
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Eco-Friendly Materials: Kitchen Countertops
Bio-Glass, a recycled glass countertop material has an ethereal, translucent appearance.
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Your Guide to 15 Popular Kitchen Countertop Materials
Recycled Glass and Cement Kitchen Counters Although it's expensive ($100 to $160 per square foot installed), this unique combination of glass and cement is a surefire way to add character to your kitchen. Ecofriendly, durable and customizable, this countertop material is a top choice for a "forever home."
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Earth-Friendly Kitchen Counters
Countertop made with Fuez (60-80% recycled materials...recycled glass, fly ash, stone, and shells, it’s more durable than marble)
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Kitchen Counters: Sturdy, Striking Recycled Glass With Cement
Kitchen Counters: Sturdy, Striking Recycled Glass With Cement
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Earth-Friendly Kitchen Counters
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