Easter window (mini) Display

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a store window with butterflies on the windowsill and an old refrigerator in the background
50's retro style - Aesthetic Line - Smeg.com
Butterfly Window Display - Inspiration for making one of my students brave.
several jars filled with different types of candy
big day | sweeties
These were very popular later on with the adults as well as the kids! IKEA sell these kilner jars quite cheaply.
a bulletin board with surfboards hanging from it's sides and clothes pins attached to the boards
Washi Tape Easter Egg Garland Tutorial
washi tape easter egg garland (with printable egg pattern)- have the girls alternate tape and glitter glue.
a vase filled with ornaments sitting on top of a wooden table next to a window
McGee Life
Easter trees are easy to make with a lovely #vase, painted branches, hanging eggs.
an image of a tree made out of colored paper streamers in a large room
Tree Wrap
Fabric-wrapped tree via a Farm Chicks Antiques Show. Great crafting idea for branches or a quilt show.
a glass vase filled with candy and peep - ear candies on top of a table
Easter Tulip Display Arrangement - 700 N COTTAGE
Totally doing this in place of an Easter basket for the mother-in-law!!
an image of a store window with green leaves on the front and side windows, showing mannequins dressed in dresses
New York « Point of Difference
yarn and knitting needles are on display in front of some baskets with balls of yarn
Spring has sprung window display by Seed Stitch Fine Yarn, and now we all want to visit!
a chair that has some plants in it and rabbits sitting on top of the chair
feed the chicks
Furniture can also make a great display piece. More ideas at: giftshopmag.com