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pine cones and orange slices are hanging from the ceiling
Natural Christmas Decorations From the Garden
three different types of tinsel cones and pine cones are shown in this collage
3D Pasta Christmas Trees
Make some fun 3D pasta christmas trees with your kids this Christmas! Just roll a piece of cardboard into a cone then hot glue it together. Put a strip of hot glue around the bottom and quickly stick the noodles on! Once you’re done spray paint it or have the kids paint each noodle. Add …
a poster with the words stocking stuff for dads and their children on it
Awesome Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Whole Family
Stocking Stuffers for the Mom, Dad, Teens, Kids, Toddlers and Babies #StockingStuffer #Gifts #Stockingstufferideas
a christmas stocking stuff list with the words, gifts for everyone and other holiday items
The Ultimate List of Stocking Stuffer Ideas – Motivation for Mom
an elf is standing in front of lemonade cups
Awesome Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Kids - DIY Sweetheart
two elfs are sitting in a washing machine
Elf Roller Coaster
two hands holding an open box with donuts in it and the caption reads elf donuts actually cherros, to leave with santa's cookies this is the cutest thing
21st December - Elf doughnuts
someone is pointing at some food in a glass bowl with white liquid and green sprinkles
Plant tic tacs and grow candy canes!
christmas tree made out of cookies is being cut and put on a plate with green icing
Christmas Cookies Ideas You'll Love | The WHOot
How To Make An Amazing 3D Cookie Christmas Tree
the steps to make a paper christmas wreath
the snowman is made out of toilet paper and some string with lights on it
These tea light snowman ornaments are really easy to make and they look ADORABLE! Turn on the tea light and the "flame" becomes the snowman's carrot nose! #diychristmas