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a quilted table topper with many different designs on it's edges and sides
Custom Quilting
a close up view of a quilted surface with heart shapes on the edges and an intricate design
Julia Quiltoff
a close up of a quilt on the floor
Kathleen Quilts
a quilted bed with sunflowers on it and the number one in the middle
a quilted table runner is on display in a room with many other items around it
an image of a quilt on the floor
a quilted bed with pink and white designs on the bedspread, next to a sewing machine
Love the pink and white and love the detail Quilting
a quilted wall hanging with flowers on it
Sewing & Quilt Gallery
a table with a quilt on top of it next to a wooden chair and window
a quilted bedspread with red and green stars on it's sides
an intricately designed table top with blue flowers on it
a close up of a quilt on a bed with purple and green flowers in the center
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