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the words i looked at him as a friend until i realized i loved him
And then it’s too late
Breakdance, Sayings, Poems, Dishonesty Quotes, Done With You
an image with the quote you kept ignoring her, each and every time she tried to reach out
It’s been hard but my life is so much better now.
the text is written in black and white
a quote with the words you're never going to forget him, and an image of
Pin; THATBARBIEX🦋 #pinterestthatbarbiex
a poem written in black and white with the words he hasn't message you, don't look at your phone, don't dream about
Dont check your phone
an email to someone who is asking her if she wants to be in love with him
This is how I wanted her, I wanted all of her, I wanted her to be fully mine
someone is holding up a piece of paper with the words i stay with you for long through