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two people sitting in the back of a car and one is holding a cell phone
two girls in the back seat of a car, one is driving and the other is talking
Lily and Gloria #ModernFamily
an image of a man and woman talking to each other
Modern Family. Jay: I don't say this, but it..bothers me a little bit that you're just a tiny bit..loud. Gloria: loud? Jay: Not all the time.. only when you, you know, when you talk.
a woman talking to an older man in a kitchen with the caption that reads, you're funny why we spend all your money
people standing in front of a fence with flowers on it and the caption that says,
a woman with long brown hair wearing a black and white top is looking at the camera
Gloriaism #36. Modern family
a man holding a baby jesus figurine in his right hand with the caption that reads, baby jesus translation baby cheeses example i told you, jay, called your secretary and told her to order
Gloriasm #56 - Baby Jesus ~ Modern Family
a man and woman dressed up as gargoyle in front of a purple background
Jay and Gloria
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an image of two people dressed up as witches and one is talking to each other
Modern Family
Modern Family