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the ceiling is decorated with many different designs
Ightham Mote, Kent chapel ceiling
The painted roof in the Tudor Chapel at Ightham Mote showing symbols of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon. Said to be from the roof of one of Henry8th's tents at the field of cloth of gold.
an old book with birds and animals on it
from the Tudor Pattern Book c.1520.
an embroidered wall hanging with animals and plants on it
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Mexican Otomi? Kantha?
there are many different colors of yarn on the table together, including white and blue
Woven Wall Hanging // Weaving by Jeannie Helzer // @jeanniemakes
three pom - poms hanging from the side of a blanket
ROPI. handwoven wall hanging by wednesdayweaving. ROPI. handgewebter wandbehang / wandteppich von wednesdayweaving.
four circular pieces of art made out of straw are arranged in a row on the wall
Articles about inside ford foundation sheila hicks on Dwell.com
Sheila Hicks returns to New York City's Ford Foundation to replace a series of sublimely modernist wall hangings
several different pictures hanging on a wall next to each other with beads and charms attached to them
Mixed Media Fiber, Paintings & Artist Books
Mixed media wall hangings by textile artist Sharon McCartney (these images no longer on her website):
an old cloth with some pictures of people in different outfits and words written on it
Thou can not toucheth this! STOP! Tis be the time of hammer!
an illustration of a man holding a stick in front of trees and fish on the ground
Silly Farming Manuals Of The 14th Century
history major problems:laughing way too hard at this picture aaand now the people in the library thing I'm weird.
the tree of life is depicted in an illuminated manuscript, with blue background and gold trimming
The inscription on the original Woodpecker Tapestry was embroidered by May Morris (Morris’ daughter), and reads “I once a king and chief, now am the tree-barks thief, ever twixt trunk and leaf, chasing the prey” The quotation was taken from a poem by William Morris about an ancient fabled Italian king named Picas who was transformed into a woodpecker.
Weird Medieval Marginalia Part III peashooter85: Because sometimes Medieval monks got bored… Ancient Art, Medieval Paintings, Medieval Artwork, Medieval Drawings, Medieval Manuscript, Rabbit Art
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Weird Medieval Marginalia Part III peashooter85: Because sometimes Medieval monks got bored…
a group of greyhounds running in the grass by an unknown artist posters and prints
Medium Aevum - Vincent of Beauvais, in the mid- thirteenth...
Vincent of Beauvais, in the mid- thirteenth century, identified three types of dog: hunting dogs, with drooping ears, guard dogs, which are more rustic than other dogs, and Greyhounds, which are the noblest.
an image of a medieval scene on twitter
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Monty Python is mentioned nowhere, but it's the first thing I thought of.
an old painting with two men in medieval clothing, one holding a bow and the other pointing
johnlock on Tumblr
"Bless you Sherlockian History major." As a history major, I feel it my duty to repin this admirable demonstration of note taking/research. You're doing it right. -- Sherlock and John, circa 1200
an old medieval manuscript with some writing on it's side and images of people in the background
Sherlock, nay!
Medieval Sherlock. Why is this so funny?!
an artistic painting with animals and banners on it
Myth & Moor
Winged deer.....MYTH & MOOR blog by Terri Windling I'm a writer, artist, and book editor interested in myth, folklore, fairy tales, and the ways they are used in contemporary arts.
an intricately decorated tapestry with birds and flowers
Owl | Mrs Battye | John Henry Dearle | V&A Explore The Collections
Morris and Morris Tapestry from the Arts and Crafts Movement. A design movement from 1860 to 1910. It stood for traditional craftsmanship using romantic,medieval and folk styles of decoration. It was a reaction against industry at the time.
an intricately decorated tapestry with a dragon on it's back and two birds flying around
Fragment of a Tapestry or Wall Hanging | Upper Rhenish | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Fragment of a Tapestry or Wall Hanging, ca. 1420–30. Made in Basel, Switzerland. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. The Cloisters Collection, 1990 (1990.211) | This tapestry fragment represents a fabulous lionlike beast with pointed teeth, clawed feet, and a scaly rump. #cloisters
an image of a unicorn on a fence in the middle of flowers and trees with other animals around it
"The Unicorn in Captivity," Medieval Tapestry at the Cloisters, part of the Metropolitan Museum, NYC
a black and white drawing on a wall with various symbols in it's center
Urban Outfitters Tapestry