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an outdoor area with trees, rocks and benches
Tuinontwerp van een moderne, kosmopolitische stadstuin — Tuinontwerp of tuinarchitect? Wij ontwerpen tuinen om in te leven.
an open door leading to a courtyard with trees and bushes in the backround
a garden with lots of green plants and flowers on the ground, along with a gravel path
South London Garden - STUDIO CULLIS
an open window with a bike parked in front of it
an outdoor patio with tables and chairs surrounded by plants
an outdoor area with trees and plants on the side of the wall, surrounded by brick pavers
a brick path in front of a white building with trees and bushes on both sides
a chair sitting in the middle of a garden next to a wooden bench and shrubbery
A small east London garden with a characterful and relaxed design by Ula Maria
the entrance to an apartment building surrounded by trees and plants