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a stuffed animal that looks like a cat with an eye patch on it's forehead
Uglydoll Handmade David Horvath and Sun Min - Uglydog
three stuffed animals are lined up next to each other
Voodoo Fifine
JunkerJane Monsters | Pirate Monster Minette was that slouch… | Flickr
a stuffed animal made out of jeans with eyes and mouth on top of a bed - vienot savējos lielām lietām!
Apskatīt ziņojumu - Inbox Mail
an orange stuffed animal with two eyes and bows on it's head, sitting next to each other
a stuffed animal with big eyes and horns
Count Orlok
Monster Petal | If it looks like Monster Petal just crawled … | Flickr
a black and white striped sock monkey doll with eyes wide open on a white background
a small stuffed animal with pink bows on it's head and eyeballs in its mouth
a green stuffed animal sitting on top of a white table
a stuffed animal made to look like a cat with a skull on it's back
Junker Jane Monster Art Dolls
Junker Jane Art Dolls and Soft Sculptures: March 2012