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a white bed sitting next to a wall with grey and white geometric designs on it
APÊ 02
Paloma + Rafael
an apartment building with balconies on the second floor
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#photography #inspiration #design #graphicdesign #art #quote #free #stunning
Dancer, Untitled, Poses, Fine Art
an orange with wires attached to it sitting on top of a table
trying to make a grasshopper script to bend a wire around an object and to get the wires not intersect each other. Getting a reasonable but random result with the curve rebuild parameter. [script+file]
four different types of furniture made out of plywood and plastic sheeting are shown
(PDF) UNDULATUS: design and fabrication of a self-interlocking modular shell structure based on curved-line folding
Curved-line folding is the act of folding a flat sheet of material along a curved crease pattern in order to create a three-dimensional shape. It is a creative and innovative way to produce...
an image of some blue objects on a gray background
Mesh From Lines