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darth vader and stormtrooper are in the background with caption that reads, you can be cool but you will never be epic song starts playing every time you enter the room
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The epitome of cool.
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a woman sitting on top of a iron throne with swords in her hand and the caption reads, how game of thrones ends
29 Amusing Memes That'll Right All Of Your Wrongs
That would be classic
a woman laughing while standing in front of a building with the words please shower before entering pool
Sweet Brown: Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That « Humor
Amen, Sweet Jones!
there is a blue sign that says nokia connecting people in english and chinese characters on it
Browntooth enabled…
Hypocrisy, the bedrock of the nation. Native American Quotes, Thanksgiving Meme, Native American Thanksgiving, Native American Humor, American Indian Quotes, Two Spirit, 5 De Mayo, History Memes, The Resistance
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Hypocrisy, the bedrock of the nation.
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
the story of my life--tal cual!
several children are standing in front of a window with their arms up and hands out
Window Display
Anything for the shot.