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crocheted christmas ornaments are displayed on a table
Новогодние игрушки
an origami box with a christmas scene on the front and side, in white paper
three snowmen made out of old book pages are hanging from twine strings on a sheet of paper
Christbaumbehang selber machen: günstige und einfache Tipps :) -
a painting of a squirrel on a branch in the snow
Lovely squirrel
a painting of a bird sitting on top of a pine cone with snow flakes (h9iokl9jffs.jpg)
Christmas Home
three brown paper bags with white designs on them, one has a house and the other has snowflakes
gingerbread house wrapping
someone is cutting out some paper to make a house ornament with scissors and tape
Piernikowa chatka – pudełko na prezenty do druku