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Easy DIY: Succulent Planter
Bringing nature into the home is always a win, and this DIY combines the benefits of greenery with the powerful surge of can-do energy you get from making something beautiful with your own two hands.
a potted plant sitting on top of a carpeted floor next to a mirror
DIY Planter Cover
Don't you love looking at gorgeous planters, but don't have the budget for them? Then here's a easy and cheap DIY to make your own pot covers with beautiful fluted texture! #planters #covers #DIY
6 Tips to Help You Repot Houseplants Like a Pro
Learn how to repot your houseplants with these 6 easy tips including how to pick the right size pot, when to water the indoor plant, and when to repot a house plant. #plants #houseplants #lowlightplants #indoorgardening #tipsandtricks #decoratingwithplants Full blog post:
a woman bending over to pick up a potted plant in the corner of a room
Our Home Sunroom
Our home sunroom has served as a home office and a hangout place to play with plants and chill. I'm sharing more about the four season sunroom and how it's evolved with you today.
a person holding up a green leaf in front of some potted plants on a table
How to care for the stunning Thai Constellation Monstera!
You did it—you took the plunge and got a Thai! Now you're looking for Thai Constellation Monstera care and propagation tips. I've got you covered with a post all about this gorgeous variegated monstera.
a living room filled with furniture and plants
Lucy's Whimsical Playroom Full of Greenery
Lucy's former nursery rocking chair in our playroom | via Yellow Brick Home, a family room and play room reveal!
a collage of photos with plants in them and the words quiet & easy diy plant dolly on it
Easy Walnut DIY Plant Dolly | Dans le Lakehouse
Struggling to move a large and heavy plant? Make this easy DIY plant dolly! This plant pot dolly makes it easy to move a big planter pot but still looks stylish and modern - chose any wood to suit your decor. All you need is a drill! No fancy tools and it's simple to put together this wooden plant dolly. Click through to learn how to make a plant dolly and make a large plant dolly for yourself with these supplies. #plantdolly #plants #bigplants #woodenplantdolly #wooddiys #diywood
a shelf filled with lots of potted plants on top of white shelves next to a wall
Peek Inside a Dreamy, Green Oasis Reinventing Boho Chic
plant filled shelves #DecoracionconPlantas
a room filled with lots of potted plants
Houseplant Swap - Everything You Need to Know - That Planty Life
a potted plant with white dots on it and the title 7 most unique indoor plants
7 Houseplants With the Most Unique Leaves We’ve Ever Seen
These seven houseplants have some of the most unique leaves we’ve seen — striking presentations that are sure to hold the eye and make your friends ask — what is that?
a person holding up a potted plant with the words rooting cuttings in leaf
Whale Fin Sansevieria Care & Propagation
Learn everything you need to know about whale fin sansevieria care, aka sansevieria masoniana, including how to propagate it!
a plant in a paper bag that says life would succe without you
10 Valentine's Day Crafts You'll Love
1. Make your sweetie a bubble gum machine Learn how to make it here. 2.
a white tiled bathroom with plants growing on the window sill, and a shower curtain
The 13 Best Houseplants for Your Bathroom, According to Plant Experts
You need hearty plant babies to survive those kinds of variable conditions, but lucky for us, there are plenty to choose from that fit the bill. #plants #plant #plantparent
a plant in a glass vase on a table
Test Tube Propagation Stand: A Simple, Chic, and Tool-Free DIY
Not a woodworker or simply don't have the time but love the look of test