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an open book with soup in it next to garlic, onions and other vegetables on top
a drawing of two lemons sleeping on top of a piece of bread with lettuce
two bees flying in the sky with one carrying a bag and another holding a bee
an illustration of a woman reading a newspaper with breakfast and coffee on the table next to her
a small blue house on the beach with an orange tree next to it and some chairs
there are three pieces of paper on top of an open book
🐾 ⸝⸝🎞 ◡‌ᝬ 🏹 𖠵𝑙𝑖𝑛𝑎
a painting of a person holding a coffee cup and playing the guitar with their fingers
a painting of a black cat drinking wine next to cheese and crackers on a table
Humour, Kata-kata, Desain Grafis, Poster, Print
a desert scene with cacti and cactus plants in the foreground, against a pale background
an image of the planets on a tree branch