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a white horse with braids on it's head
This is the breed "Akhal-Teke", out of Turkmenistan. It is a very old breed and known for its metallic sheen. The sheen is a result of the opaque core of the hair being narrower or even absent, allowing the light to shine through the hair except it refracts it a little to give that shimmery golden look.They come in many colors. This one is called "Cremelo". - iFunny
a skull and crab in the sand with caption that reads, my spirit animal doesn't exit hermit crab using a human skull as a shell
Thirty-Seven Random Memes That Serve No Real Purpose
a large cat sitting on top of a tree stump in the forest with its mouth open
~Life On Planet Earth~
Beautiful clouded leopard.
a close up of a leopard on a tree branch
The Big 5 Cats and Where To Find Them
four foxes are hiding under a wooden table
Fox World
Properly organized fox storage
a pink flamingo with its head turned to the side, standing in front of other flamingos
#Stunning #red #flamingo
a peacock is standing on some rocks and looking at the camera with its feathers spread out
Beautiful Peacock
Beautiful Peacock
a colorful bird sitting on top of a tree branch
Amazing Things in the World Lovely Amazing World
a hummingbird flying next to a purple flower with green leaves on it's side
Finding Neverland
a pink and white bird with red spots on it's wings