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Funny-Vintage-Costumes-Book-Jane-Ashers Fashion Designer Halloween Costume, Vintage Butterfly Costume, Vintage Moth Costume, Vintage Inspired Halloween Costume, Moth Costume Women, Trippy Costume, Artsy Halloween Costume, Moth Costume Diy, Diy Frog Costume
Woman Discovers A 1986 Costume Book Thrown Away, And It Has Some Of The Weirdest DIY Costumes Twitter Has Ever Seen
a white mannequin with an assortment of items on it's head and neck
GCSE Textiles- Armour project
two vests are hanging on the wall with pictures and other items attached to them
hold for ab - abstract altered artist FRIDA SMOCK Wearable Folk Art Kimono Couture Vintage Mexican Collage Clothing - myBonny
a shirt that is on top of a metal pole and has been altered to look like an abstract painting
Kay Khan Art - Works - Enfold (SOLD)
Kay Khan - Enfold - 30" x 23" x 12"; Silk, cotton, paper; deconstructed blouse: quilted, stitched, rebuilt
a white mannequin with many different colored leaves on it
a piece of art that is made out of fabric and other items on a wooden stick
A2 Textiles
A2 Textiles