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an orange background with the words don't worry = net'en fais pass
Pronunication: http://soundcloud.com/edi/20120221-160259
the words are written in french and english on a light green background with black lettering
pronunciation: http://soundcloud.com/edi/20120221-161255
Pronunication: http://soundcloud.com/edi/whats-the-point-quoi-bon French Language Lessons, Learn French
Pronunication: http://soundcloud.com/edi/whats-the-point-quoi-bon
a black and white photo with the words je le savase i knew it in french
the words time's up = cest l'heure on a blue background
Time's up! = C'est l'heure !
an orange background with the words as soon as possible = des que possible
As soon as possible = Dès que possible
an english language poster with the words how to talk about the weather in french on it
How to Talk About the Weather in French
the words cest comme ga that's how it is
French Phrases Ultimate List - Common and Useful French Sentences
a green and white photo with the words, it's been a long time since we've seen each other
the words in french are written on white paper with black writing and an image of a cat
a woman in a red dress is standing with her hands on her hips and the words,
Almost all words ending in "ENCE" are feminine
four different types of french expressions with the words'les pronoms demonstraits '
Demonstrative pronouns
the words let me know = dise - le - moi in brown on a purple background
the five ways to say'ok'in french, with an image of a woman pointing
Which one do you use the most?
the french language poster shows different types of food and drinks, with words in each language
Microsoft Outlook (formerly Hotmail): Free email and calendar | Microsoft 365
a poster with the words les doits de l'mainn and an image of a hand
a purple background with the words toure la page get over it
the words are written in black and white on a gray background that says, cest comme ca that's how it is
French Words
the words is it too late? = est - ce trop tard?
Life-enriching language learning experiences
Is it too late? = Est-ce trop tard ?
an orange poster with words in different languages
French future tense
Common French Words, French Proverbs
Learn French idioms with FREE audio examples ✨
the words tu t'attendias aqut? what did you expect?
Learn French words with FREE audio examples ✨
the words have fun and amuse - toi written in white on a pink background
an image with the words on the other hand = par contre
On the other hand = Par contre
the words give me some time = done - moi du temps on a purple background
Give me some time
the words do what you want = fas e que tu veuxx on a blue background
Do what you want = Fais ce que tu veux