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a jar filled with jelly next to an ice tray
I just recycled all my old Yankee candles. I melted them down layer by layer and made a new jar candle. I saved the jars for future use too. Susie, I used your tip for the tart burner thing too (that's what the ice cube tray is for). Thanks!
jars filled with candles sitting on top of a wooden shelf next to a cat laying in the background
Using Yankee candle jars as tea light storage! Oh no... now I have Tealight Envy to add to my tart envy...
a close up of a candle on a table
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Yankee candle
a yankee candle sitting on top of a pink towel next to a teddy bear in a glass jar
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Yankee Candle | Yankee Candle - Soft Blanket - Large Jar - 003987 #YankeeCandles
yankee candle frosting frosted cupcakes with frosting on the top and bottom
Yankee Candles at Pink Superstore
Yankee Candle Frosting.... #YankeeCandle #MyRelaxingRituals