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a bed topped with lots of pillows next to a potted plant
@fleamarketfab -- After returning from Morocco this week and having time to gather my thoughts, I have so much up my sleeve. Looking back through my feed has made me realize how true I am to my style and I have so much passion for the next. I love seeing so much inspiration in others come to life!!! I thank everyone of you for the love and follow and interest in my mental madness of style!!!!
the bed is covered with a black and pink floral blanket next to potted plants
Plum & Bow Rosa Floral Scarf Tapestry
Plum & Bow Rosa Floral Scarf Tapestry
an ornately decorated living room with two chairs and a table in front of a mirror
When Säbylund Manor House was completed all 26 rooms were furnished with the finest contemporary art and craft items Sweden had to offer at the time. Tomorrow, 230 years later they are to be sold at Bukowskis Important Spring Sale. Make sure not to miss the unique opportunity to see these objects at the viewing today at Bukowskis Berzelii Park 1, we are open until 17.00. Welcome! #artiondetsauktion #bukowskis