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a woman looking at small items in a drawer
Clever Storage Hacks to Keep All Those Small Items Around the House Organized and Easily Accessible
Get inspired by clever and easy storage ideas for organizing small items like all those kitchen utensils, gadgets, spices, and more - using solutions like drawer dividers to neatly section off space, magnetic strips and racks for knives and metal tools attached to the wall or inside cabinets, small matching jars to hold spices and de-clutter pantries, turntables and tiered holders to neatly stack items while maximizing vertical storage space. Follow for more organizing inspiration
instructions to make an origami box
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an open suitcase filled with lots of papers and folders on top of a table
85 Insanely Clever Organizing and Storage Ideas for Your Entire Home
an open tin box filled with lots of crafting supplies on top of a wooden table
Spotted: Cross Stitch Cookie Tin, and 10 other Altered Containers • Crafting a Green World
a jar filled with pins and needles on top of a wooden table
The Best Jar Gifts to Make This Year
there are two shelves on the wall with books
25 Absurd Ways To Put Old Stuff To Creative Use As New Treasures
an assortment of items are sitting on a wooden table in front of a stair case
23 Tricks for Secondhand Decorating to Bring on the Vintage Flair
a shelf filled with lots of different colored boxes on top of wooden floor next to a white wall
Recycling, Storage
15-minute make: magnetic storage tins
an old tin can is filled with assorted crafting supplies and other things to make crafts
10 of the Best DIY Tiered Tray and Organizer Ideas
a pegboard with lots of crafting supplies on it
9 Stylish Pegboard Organisation Ideas - That's so Gemma
A fab Kallax IKEA Hack DIYUpgrade your new Kallax Book Shelf with Neon Yellow Panyla fabulous product to customize furniture to match your every whim Ikea, Furniture Makeover, Kallax Shelf, Ikea Design, Kallax Ikea, Ikea Hack, Ikea Kallax Hack, Ikea Hack Ideas
IKEA Hacks & Ideen im Kinderzimmer