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These are the 10 best (and most unique) kitchen paint colors. #kitchenideas #kitchendecor #kitchencolors #paintingideas #paintideas #paintcolors #colorpalette #kitchenpaintideas #kitchenpaintcolors #colortrends
These three unexpected living room color combinations always work, and we don't see them nearly enough. #livingroomideas #livingroomdecor #livingroomtrends #livingroomcolors #colorpalette
Here's what other colors to paint your home to complement green furniture, plants, and appliances. #greendecor #greencolorpalette #paintideas #colorpalette #greenaccents #greenlivingroom #greenbathroom #greenkitchen #greendecorideas

Paint Colors

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It goes without saying that fireplaces are most popular during the colder, darker months of the year. But don’t think that they don’t serve a purpose throughout the rest of the year, too. Even if you don’t use them for heat, fireplaces tend to make for natural focal points, creating an anchor for furniture and people to gather around.
Phil & Vicki's Halloween House in Providence
Jevon's Transformed Condo


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We styled five spaces in our favorite furniture and decor from this season, all sourced from a place that might surprise you: Walmart. See how to use these retro-style pieces in 5 rooms of the house, all on a reasonable budget! #ad
Finding an affordable stand mixer is a challenge, you say? Well meet this beauty from Beautiful by Drew Barrymore, available now only at Walmart. (Pictured here in Cornflower Blue) Bonus: you will love how lightweight this little cutie is! #ad
Check out 5 home purchases that designers think are a waste of money, plus 3 that are worth the splurge.

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Welcome to The Apartment Therapist Community
NEW! We launched our Apartment Therapist Community today — a place to connect with home enthusiasts from all over who are just as excited about (and in love with) their homes as you are! Ask your biggest design and decluttering questions, show off your space, share your favorite products, post a poll, talk to our editors, and so much more. It’s about as close to texting us as you can get, so come on in, cozy up, and get started. We’re so glad you’re here.
Apartment Therapist Community
That feeling when you get direct feedback from expert design editors about your space immediately. Welcome to the Apartment Therapist Community — the closest you can get to texting us as possible. Tap to get started.
a white room with plates on the wall and a pink sign that says plate wall gallery wall trend
I Tried the "Plate Wall" Gallery Wall Trend and Hated It
Discover one writer’s attempt at creating the viral plate wall trend, and why she ultimately hated the look.
a living room with pink couches and rugs on the floor, in front of a
Swancore Is the Decor Trend That’s Set to Take Over
Check out why swancore, which leans into depictions of the graceful bird, is growing in popularity in the decor world.
a living room filled with furniture and bookshelves next to a large window that reads dolce far niente is the italian concept to try this summer
"Dolce Far Niente" Is the Italian Concept to Try This Summer
Discover the Italian concept of “dolce far niente,” or the sweetness of doing nothing, and how to practice it.
a green and red house with the words, this 24 - year - home decor trend is making a major comeback
Finger Plates Are the Latest Vintage Trend to Make a Comeback
Find out why these beautiful and practical Victorian-era finger plates are making a major comeback as a home trend.
the carpeted wall trend is now available in apartment therapy, with red flowers on it
This Controversial but Shockingly Chic Retro Trend Is Coming for Your Walls
See how the Hôtel HONEYROSE, Montréal uses carpeted walls to transform hallways — and how you can try it at home.
a bed with the words, 20 hotest diy material transs formed a blh bed into a mid century modern masterpiece
DIY Pole Wrap Mid-Century Modern Bed Skirt Transformation
See how a content creator turned a plain Amazon bed into a MCM masterpiece with hidden storage and plenty of charm.
a living room with bookshelves and pictures on the wall above it that says, 5 home decor trends taking over summer 2012
5 Home Trends Taking Over Summer 2024, Designers Say
See what decor trends and products designers think will dominate design this season, from interiors to outdoor spaces.
a dining room table and chairs with the text, this is the texture you're about to see everywhere in 2021
Fluted Furniture and Home Decor Is Taking Over 2024
See where to shop one of 2024’s trending textures: fluted furniture and decor.
this is the controversial kitchen trend for 2012 - apartment therapy magazine cover
Glass Backsplashes Are the “It” Kitchen Trend of 2024
Find out why glass backsplashes are making the rounds as the “it” kitchen trend of 2024 after first appearing in 2020.
a living room with plants and pictures on the wall above it that says, this is the smartest way to max out every corner of your home
These Target Corner Cabinets (Instantly!) Max Out Every Corner
When you've got a small space, you need every inch, and these Target Threshold corner cabinets add chic instant storage.
a bed with tennis rackets on the wall and a blue sign above it that says, this is the new decor trend that will take over summer
“Sports Core” Is Summer’s Hottest New Decor Trend
Here’s how to ace the “sports core” trend that’s dominating decor this summer, according to Etsy.
the unexpected kitchen storage hack that's so good is on top of a counter
See How To Display Cookbooks To Make Your Kitchen Feel Cozy
Learn a way to display your cookbooks that looks super cozy and might make you use them more.
there is a bed with flowers on it and the words grandma core is the trend taking over bedroom's this summer
Pinterest’s Summer Trends Say “Grandma Core” Is Taking Over
“Grandma core bedroom” ranks high on Pinterest’s recently released summer trends report.