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an image of a bird with three smaller birds on it's legs and eyes
Alien Avian II by @moonpatrol Matt Cunningham
an old man wearing a blue mask and purple sweater with gold chains around his neck
Unidentified Ishi Tib guild master
The Ishi Tib was a guild master on the ringed space station Glavis Ringworld. Around 9 ABY, they hired the Mandalorian bounty hunter Din Djarin to bring in the Klatooinian Kaba Baiz. After Djarin took the severed head of Baiz to the guild master, the Ishi Tib insisted he joined them and their party for dinner, but the Mandalorian the guild master to give him information he was promised and left. The Ishi Tib was a guild master, residing on the ringed space station of Glavis Ringworld during ...
a man wearing a mask with his mouth open
Gauron Nas Tal
a close up of an alligator's head with its mouth open and eyes wide open
a man in a gas mask and goggles on top of a camel's head
an animated creature with large horns and big ears, standing in front of a spotlight
Salacious Crumb, Matt Clark
a person is holding a toy made to look like a caterpillar with its mouth open
a creepy looking creature sitting next to a ruler
GREMLINS 2: THE NEW BATCH (1990) - Prototype Gremlin Puppet - Current price: $1700
GREMLINS 2: THE NEW BATCH (1990) - Prototype Gremlin Puppet - Price Estimate: $1000 - $1500
four different views of a pink plastic head
Lord Marshall helmet rotations
Lord Marshall helmet rotations 2020-11-19
an image of a creature with teeth and fangs
骷原狼kyunlng (@kyunlng1) on X