Shortfilm Interiors

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bubbles are floating in the air near each other
Raw & Rendered - Progress Before Perfection - October 2016
a red object with many lines around it and water droplets on the bottom of it
Last Beat
Last Beat on Behance
an orange and blue object with bubbles in the air next to other objects on a black background
Sculptural image inspiration on Designspiration
#graphicdesign #organic in Some crazy & adorable things
small white flowers hanging from the side of a tree in front of a blurry background
Raw & Rendered
March On
the string art is made up of small white lights on top of brown sticks and wires
Raw & Rendered
Cross Repression
an animated woman with green hair and black shirt holding her hand up to the side
Twins music band, Alina Balgimbaeva
ArtStation - Twins music band, Alina Balgimbaeva
three crystal rocks sitting on top of each other in front of a black background,
Lava Rocks, Elad Damian Nachman
Tweedimensionaal noemen we zaken die twee richtingen (dimensies) hebben: lengte en breedte (hoogte en breedte). Ze zijn dus vlak of plat. 2D zijn schilderijen , tekeningen , foto’s etc . In tegenstelling tot een ruimtelijk beeld kun je een vlak beeld eigenlijk maar op één manier goed bekijken, namelijk recht van voren. Wel kan in een schildering of tekening ruimte gesuggereerd worden
an object that looks like it is made out of metal and glass with gold accents
3, Dmitriy Kuznetsov
the different types of head shapes and how to draw them
Where stories live
#wattpad #outros-gneros This is how to make a original character! I will be mostly covering human ocs first, then moving on to monsters, animals, and others. God ocs will be in the book here and there ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please note: these tips probably are not for everybody. And I am not a profess...
an image of a landscape with trees and mountains in the background at sunset or dawn
scenery by Rwds #Design Popular #Dribbble #shots
an illustration of a city with tall buildings and a red tower in the foreground
japan-dribbble-full.jpg by Coen Pohl
Japan dribbble full
the city is lit up at night with bright lights on it's skyscrapers
Нарисованные города от Romain Trystram
Нарисованные города от Romain Trystram