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two people sitting at a table with a birthday cake
a close up of a card with a person on it
an altered card with two women laughing and saying i had tears running down my legs
Laugh Lines
a handmade greeting card with a woman carrying a shopping bag and bees on it
an image of children celebrating the fourth of july with fireworks and confetti in the background
Stars and Stripes
Color Me Lisa…: Stars and Stripes
a drawing of a woman watering flowers
a watercolor painting of a boy holding a bucket with flowers in front of a sign
a painting of a woman in sunglasses and some hair products
two teddy bears hugging each other in front of a blue tiled wall
a card with three women dressed in green and purple, one holding a wine glass
Art Impressions Blog
Art Impressions Blog
a happy birthday card with some candy on the table
Art Impressions Blog
Art Impressions Blog
a card with an image of two women hugging each other and flowers in the background
All That Glitters Challenge #379
Art Impressions Blog: All That Glitters Challenge #379
an image of children celebrating birthday with cake