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the answer is to find what number should be in this puzzle game, which has four squares
Find the Missing link
a blue background with the words can you write number 45 using only the number 4?
Find the answer
there are five words in english language can you tell us a word contains of all these words?
Write a word
a poster with numbers on it that says solve the math riddle by replace the question mark with the correct number
Solve the riddle
a red and white sign that says if 6 / 7 / 2, 3 / 9 / 7, 4 / 8, 5 / 1, then 45 =?????????????????????????
Find the answer
a clock with four faces and the words in the image below which clock is odd one out?
Find the Odd one
a starbucks logo with the words guess the brand in red, white and green on it
Guess the Brand
an image of two men hanging on a bar with the caption which says, what does this mean?
Solve it
Can you count the number of matches in the picture below? Best Brain Teasers, Funny Puzzles, Rebus Puzzles, Mind Benders, Best Riddle, Tricky Questions, Riddles With Answers, Match Stick
Can you count the number of matches in the picture below?
Recognize the Logo. Vodka, Coming Soon, ? Logo, T Shirt
Recognize the Logo.
a red and white sign that says i am odd number, take away an alphabet and become even what number am it?
Find the number
an orange circle with numbers in the middle and two on each side that are labeled
The Number in the wheel is missing to drive it further .